Before I came to Street Connect, my life was unmanageable and involved in chaotic drug use. I had no hope and no faith and basically spent all my days chasing drugs. My mental and physical health was also very poor.

It’s a better sight now. I have  faith and I’m growing better every day and I’m a regular attender at church now as well as Street Connect. I feel that church is my lifeline and that through this my hopes have been restored.  I’ve got some permanent health issues, but I am finding it easier to cope with them.  I’m much more sober than not nowadays and feel I’m more in control and know when to stop and getting things in place to fill up my time.  Street Connect and the church has really helped me in this.

I hope to get to a point to help people the way I was helped.

I plan to do volunteer work when I get clean enough. Also, I plan in the short term to get my house the way I want it done up so I feel comfortable in it. I want to keep growing in my faith and to stay clean and sober. 

I would like to also be able to share my faith with others and if my journey can help anyone else that would be good.

Please join us in prayer for Brian’s recovery journey and that he continues to grow in his faith and relationship with God.

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