Andy has been receiving support from our partner location in Greenock. He shares about his experience and what his life was like before he found Street Connect:

I was on the verge of suicide – Street Connect saved my life.  If I hadn’t been working with you (project leader Alex) and Jean I would have killed myself. I was at my lowest point and I could see any other way. Only concern how my partner would be after my suicide and was thinking how I could make sure she would be ok after I was gone.

 I started coming to SC with my partners who was being supported by them at that point. At that point in my life I was using drugs chaotically.

My life has turned around 100% – I’ve got my confidence back in the short time I’ve been here.  I like helping others in the peer-to-peer drop-in support- that Street Connect does. Street Connect has also linked me into the church and now I see the future with me getting better and this is something I’ve never seen before

I hope to stay part of church and at some point become a volunteer working with Street Connect.  I’ve had a desire to help people in recovery but couldn’t do it because I could get myself into recovery!   I would like to go to college and perhaps do a qualification in COSCA counselling or similar. I know I can’t do this until I firstly am sorted and so am going to work towards this by continuing my recovery through Street Connect and the church too.

Please join us in prayer for Andy as he continues to join us at Greenock.