If you’ve been keeping up with our news over email or social media, you’ll have seen that we have been fortunate enough to receive funding for a hire car to supply the people we support with phones (so that they can stay connected with us!) and essentials, where required.

Our intern Adam Ingles has been delivering items to our participants over the last few weeks to ensure they are able to stay in touch with us and stay supported – while also keeping a safe distance, of course!

However, a couple of weeks ago on an early Saturday afternoon Adam discovered a puncture in one of the car tyres. Though the time and date meant there were less options to find someone to fix it, Adam managed to get himself over to a nearby Kwik Fit to see what they could do. After explaining what had happened, they were quickly able to find a solution to the puncture, but more than that, they also gave us the repair for free! Adam recalls that when he was discussing with them the best payment method and what he was using the car for and how he was helping our participants, Kwik Fit really saved the day and sorted the puncture on the house! Not only that, but they managed to get it done quickly and professionally, while also sorting out another issue with the car dashboard.

“It was absolutely brilliant that they did that, I might not have been able to get it fixed without them,” said Adam. It gives us so much hope that people are still looking out for our work and allowing us to support others through their kindness and generosity. We are so thankful to Kwik Fit for their quick and free service, especially during these more limiting times.

May 7, 2020


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