On Tuesday 1st May 2018 Street Connect will begin their Bridge to Freedom Community Recovery Programme in conjunction with Bethany Christian Trust.

We will be hosting a SIGN-UP DAY on Tuesday 24th April 2018 at 1pm . We will be providing lunch and it’s an opportunity to meet our team.

In 2017 we ran the 15 week Bridge to Freedom Recovery group twice and saw the groups attended by 60+ different individuals, averaging at 7 per group, with 8 people receiving certificates at three different levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold) for attending 20 or more of the 45 midweek sessions for each term and showing a considerable commitment to their personal development in recovery from life controlling issues.

For 2018 we are are going to run the Bridge to Freedom Recovery group two days per week for 15 weeks and then one day per week for a further 15 weeks. The group will run on a Tuesday and Thursday each week from 1st May and then on a Tuesday thereafter. This change will allow us to diversify the types of service that we are able to offer and provide to the people we help and support.

Street Connect believe this years group will be very busy again, with a range of new students and those returning from last years programme to complete and graduate the course.

Ian, a service user who received his bronze certificate in summer 2017 is committed to gaining his gold certificate this time round. Ian said,

“I’m learning some great life skills in the groups… the difficult thing is putting them into practice!”

“Street Connect has helped reduce my isolation, this has really encouraged me to stay off the alcohol”.

Street Connect will be following up their recovery group work with a high level of support, multi agency working and a befriending scheme for those who feel isolated and marginalised.

If your interested in the Community Recovery Programme, or you support anyone who could benefit from the programme, then please get in touch with the Street Connect team by emailing us at [email protected] or calling 0141 237 5859 for further information.

Apr 5, 2018


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