From Despair to Hope

Andrew's Journey of Transformation

Discover how Andrew overcame addiction and rebuilt his life with the support of Street Connect.

Andrew Hawker

Andrew’s life was once consumed by addiction, starting from a young age. He struggled with substance abuse for over two decades, leading to numerous incarcerations and a life of poverty. In 2018, Andrew found Street Connect, and with their unwavering support, he embarked on a journey of recovery. Through counseling and rehabilitation, he managed to turn his life around. By 2021, he secured an internship with Oxygen Projects, and in 2023, he achieved an NVQ3 in Health & Social Care. Today, Andrew is a Senior Support Worker at Elevate Supported Living, helping people with complex needs like addiction, living a life full of hope and purpose.  He has also started his own family now – Andrew and his fiancé have a beautiful wee girl.

Since I’ve been involved with Street Connect my life has just changed so much – dramatically!

But when he first came to us, he felt life wasn’t worth living:

"I’m 35 and I’ve been using drugs since the age of 11, he told us. My dad was into drugs. While growing up I had lost touch with my dad for many years but as a young teenager I met up with him again and both me and my brother ended up using heroin with him. That was the first time we had tried it. I became a drug addict, living life for the drugs every day, in and out of prison. I lived in what was like a third world country to me, in poverty and addiction. I shared a flat with my brother and it was a nightmare as we were both in addiction."

It takes time for people to feel comfortable enough to ask for help. Andrew’s brother and lots of his friends were coming along to our Possil drop-in, so Andrew ended up hanging around there.

"One day in 2018 a support worker asked if I wanted to come in and get a cup of tea. It’s given me people who understand, who’ve had the same life I’m going through."

Over a few months, we talked through Andrew’s situation and provided 1-2-1 counselling to help him get ready for Teen Challenge’s residential rehab centre.

“Street Connect have been brilliant with me and I’ve been given the support I’ve needed to reduce my methadone [intake] and get prepared for rehab.”

Andrew made it to rehab but only managed to stay for 6 months; and when he came back to Glasgow, he had to stay in a homeless hostel. Life was so difficult for him there that we gave him a place in our move-on flats and Aftercare programme (we normally expect people to have been drug-free for a whole year first). Arriving in March 2020, he stayed with us for 7 months and made strong progress – so much so, we could refer him on to start the internship with Oxygen Projects mentioned above.

“I feel alive again – my life’s totally changed. I’m on fire – it’s brilliant.”

It took Andrew 3 years to be ready to move on to his internship. We are there for people, praying for them and supporting them throughout their recovery journey. What about you?

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“I can’t thank Street Connect enough for my recovery. They have changed my life and with the Church I am having a life I could only dream of.”


“I have hopes for the future. I am planning to go back to college to finish my studies and do a HND in social care.”


“Every day, I am thankful for what I have. I also have my driving test booked soon and am just ready to begin an apprenticeship in a boxing gym, after finishing my college course.”


“I have been able to lower the walls that I had and talk to other women. It is great to have more belief in myself.”


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On average, it takes individuals 3 years to be ready to move on to the next phase of their recovery journey with Street Connect.

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