Location: Event specific.

Time commitment: Event specific.

Role description: An opportunity to take part in or organise a fun or team activity, such as a bungee jump or Kilt Walk, or a community fundraising activity such as a supermarket bag-pack or a bucket collection.

Benefits to the volunteer: The opportunity to take part in an event that is fun and enjoyable or that could see you act as the face of Street Connect to the public whilst raising much needed funds to help us reach out to and help even more people.

The work of Street Connect cannot exist without funding, so the role you will play is vital. You could learn about fundraising as part of a team and could have an opportunity to develop skills if you want; including potentially organising events, logistics, social media, networking, marketing and PR. This will strengthen your confidence as you see your hard work contributing to the growth of the charity and know that you are making a real difference to those we reach out to.

Main Tasks: Your role will be taking part in or organising an event and may involve you reaching out to your own supporters to raise funds for Street Connect as you prepare for the event. For a community event, that may include going to a venue and being the face of Street Connect as you collect donations from the public.

Skills, qualities and experience: Most will be event specific, but you do not necessarily need to have any qualifications or experience to take part.

Training and support available: You will be given any training required from our Volunteer Coordinator or other staff member.

Reimbursement of expenses: Event specific, but may include out of pocket expenses such as travel expenses.

Other requirements: You require to be 16+ years of age and in sympathy with the ethos of Street Connect.

If you are interested in taking part in one of our events or you have an idea of another event you would like to take part in or organise, please get in touch with us by visiting our Fundraisers page or you can Contact Us.

Sep 12, 2022